Flying Probe Test for Electronic Boards

Flying probe test systems used for testing low to mid volume production, NPI, prototypes and, boards that present accessibility problems. It uses electromechanically controlled probes that are meant to access components on Printed Circuit Assemblies. They can be classified as In-Circuit Test systems or as Manufacturing Defects Analyzers (MDAs). These probes are designed to accommodate a variety of applications and customers. They offer an unbeatable combination of reliability, accuracy, precision and throughput.

Equip-test iCon

Test Access: The shrinking component size and the density of the chip scale create a hindrance for engineers and pose new challenges while working with the electrical component. These probes are required to operate with unprecedented precision in order to meet the new challenges.

Flying Probes

Accuracy: The most endearing quality of a probe is its accuracy. Due to its modular and scalable architecture these probes offer superior probing precision and repeatability. These probes utilize equal length identical probes to contact target points on the UUT. The architecture of a flying probe offers repeatability i.e. closed loop drives for shuttles and probe modules ensure precise and repeatable positioning of the probes. The electronic measurement circuit relies on precision circuits and components for reliable and repeatable measurements.

Probing Angle: The probing angle is a major factor that comes into play while testing of a circuit board. The angle that the probe makes with the contact point determines the flow of current.

Throughput: The output of the probe depends on the number of test steps and the speed of the probe movement. Short test consumes a large part of the overall test time. The probes provide a host of test strategies and reduce the test time impacting test coverage or repeatability. The closed loop drive system boosts speed and acceleration by 4 times over open loop systems.

Software Program: The test software program designed for flying probe is highly automated, simple, and intuitive. There are automatic test program generator and operating software that manages all aspects of test program like sequencing, debugging, optimizing, and execution. It also manages all physical resources of the tester including motion, vision, electrical stimulus and measurement.

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