I’d love to write, so I’ll start here.

A dream many work towards, and even more fall short. Lets be honest, you read articles on Medium and think ‘wow, this seems so easy' but then you begin to write and you can barely string a sentence together and have 10 drafts consisting of a single title. Yeah. Me too.

A quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne says

Easy reading is damned hard writing

And whether you’re an experienced writer or a newbie, you will be able to relate to this. Writing is incredibly hard, whether its a children’s story, an article about Donald Trump’s shoe size, or even a simple novel, writing is hard.

On the other hand, reading is incredibly easy compared to its overachieving brother. As Hawthorne says, if writing is easy to you, then you’re doing it wrong. Of course, this has took me 30 minutes while sat on the toilet, which might be the same place you’re reading it, while most authors spend between 6 months to a year writing and producing a book.

With all of this in mind. I’d love to write, but I’m not alone, I know that. And I feel privileged that Medium is an outsource for my writing (even if it is horrible). And I’m aware this is extremely short, if anything its just practice as I want my writing to improve over time, as the cliché line goes ‘Easy reading is damned hard writing’.

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