Our Investment in Cypress.io

By Esteban Reyes, Founding Partner at Las Olas VC (a.k.a. LOVC)

If software dominates the world, then the most important thing is to build superior software. And that’s exactly what Cypress.io helps developers do.

We’re honored to join Drew Lanham, Brian Mann, and the Cypress team on their journey, and leading their $4M Seed round alongside Bob Goodman and Mike Droesch from Bessemer Venture Partners.

Cypress, is the next generation automated testing framework built for the modern web. With Cypress companies successfully integrate automated testing into DevOps and fully realize the promise of Continuous Delivery by eliminating testing bottlenecks.

To learn more, or start using Cypress visit www.cypress.io and https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress

Cypress solves a big problem in software development

Organizations spend $25Bn annually in software testing tools and services. End-to-end testing automation is still a poorly solved problem, especially in continuous delivery. Legacy solutions are slow, suffer from flakiness, and don’t provide rapid test result feedback loops. This limits product release speed, increases testing suite maintenance cost, and wastes valuable engineering time in debugging. Cypress solves all of those problems, at scale, and makes automating testing dead simple for developers.

We believe resolving these kind of fundamental, software infrastructure problems is critical for accelerating the advent of next generation technologies. Further, that best-in-class tools like Cypress, which help developers increase productivity, will be rapidly adopted by the software development community and the enterprise.

Since the first moment we heard Brian Mann explain how Cypress works we knew they’d built a killer product. The evidence is that Cypress is growing exponentially, every month. Since launch their products are being adopted by more than 13,000 developers at organizations like Betterment, Crunchbase, DHL, GitHub, NASA, Slack, The New York Times, and Shopify.

What customers told us about Cypress:

Have used a lot of [automated testing] tools that come nowhere close to the usability and feature set of Cypress. Almost 80–90% of our end-to-end tests are written in Cypress and everyone relies on passing the tests before making production releases, very important.
It is so easy to use. Almost a “Religious experience” after installing it. Cypress allows for point and click objects — GUI is perfect — walks thru every single step Cypress has taken. “Time travel” feature is incredible. Shows page objects quickly and shows where tests failed very quickly.
Cypress is best in class. Solves flaky end-to-end testing, which is critical. Need to have Cypress in place, it’s many times better. On that basis, very painful and costly to transition to a competing product. More importantly we don’t want to switch!

What customers are writing about Cypress:

What’s next for Cypress?

The team is now hyper-focused on accelerating product development, sales growth and market expansion. Personally, I’m extremely excited to be working closely with the Cypress team in this next phase. We believe Cypress is redefining the future of automated testing, and that’s just the start. Cypress.io buckle up!