Dealing the Dilemma for the Best Engineering College in Punjab

Aspiring to pursue engineering post secondary school comes with a lot of responsibilities and numerous extempore decisions to make. It is always a challenging task to end up at a worthy institute. Of course there are different choices ,in India there is abundance of colleges and universities apart from the top ranked IIT’s and NIT’s, these colleges are filled with the students with high ranks, rendering government and private universities for others where they can get good quality education too.

Over the years, Punjab has emerged as the epicenter of technical education segment. A plethora of institutions here have joined the league to offer quality education and infrastructure. Selecting the best college by simply depending upon the broachers and advertisements is nothing less than silly. The information is not sufficient enough to measure the success of a college in academics. The institution must aim to be the centre ofexcellence in Punjab. Here are some easy tips to select the optimal college for engineering.

First of all gather suggestions from experienced people like who are doing engineering or friends, or teachers. Consult them about best colleges nearby, and clear every doubt or question you have. Don’t follow or trust the calls from colleges during the period of admissions as they might misguide you.

Do some research of your own, make a list of colleges and do enquiry about them.Make some standards to measure the compatibility of the college with your type of college. These measurements can come handy if you visit the college of your own and by conversing with the students of that college.

Some measurements are also to be assessed like the quality of education they are providing, their tie ups with companies, the infrastructure (not only buildings, labs and latest equipments, library books per student), faculty (age group and number of faculty in a single department), their affiliation, courses provided by them and number of seats per course.

By doing so you will have an insight of the college and it will narrow down your list and you will be left with the best college you want to take admission into.

Originally published at on February 11, 2015.

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