Trends in Employment

Many things and conditions are impacting the world of work. One of them is the fact that industries are going through an evolution because of the advances in technology. Another is an aging workforce that refuses to be put out to pasture. I’ll address that latter issue elsewhere. However, let’s look at what’s happening in the world of finding work and how industries are evolving.

Healthcare should be at the top of our list of industries. Why? Because there’s an increasing number of people who are motivated to remain health and viable. They’re demanding proactive approaches to their lives rather than spending time in a hospital bed. So as we think about where to look for work, it makes sense to think about which rung on the career ladder will get you into the medical door and into a means of taking care of your livelihood. In 2013, considered not only healthcare but additional industries where it was projected that careers, especially for those over 50, will be expanding.

How will that expansion manifest? There are some companies that are aware of the value that the mature worker can bring to their mission goals. Thus, they actively pursue, and are more inclined toward, them through various strategies. One of these strategies is internships or what is called returnship.

It’s been argued that the gig economy is another means of surviving while ferreting out the golden chalice of the livable wage, full-time job. Shared ride services is one example. Then there are various online gig sites. While these innovative options do allow some breathing space, the projection for their viability is not favorable. Changes in the way we work is one matter impacting this conclusion. While some indicate the gig or flex economy is a short term phenomenon that will soon be phased out, others see it as a growing trend that can be useful for holding down costs and allowing revenues to build.

Meanwhile, business and their HR departments need to begin (if they already haven’t done so) reinventing their posture toward recruiting, retaining, and working with multiple levels of employees and workforce. The economy has changed. It will continue to do so.