– The WCT S1 Souvenir NFT | Era7 ╳ ESFI –

Our strategic partner, ESFI and we have made The WCT S1 Souvenir NFTs✨ for our Winning Adventurers!

Entitled Adventurers:
✅ Champion
✅ 2nd Place
✅ 3rd Place
✅ Top 4–8
✅ Top 9–16
✅ Top 17–32
✅ Top 33–128
✅ Top 129–384 (Group Stage Warriors)

Winning Adventurer will be rewarded an Era7 ╳ ESFI NFT based on your standing in The WCT S1.
Stay tuned and we’ll soon announce the WCT S1 Souvenir NFT claiming procedure 🔥

Era7 ╳ ESFI



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Era7: Game of Truth

Era7: Game of Truth


We are a Brand New Innovative Play-to-Earn NFT Trading Card GameFi project!