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In the cloud space, the actual gold rush is headed toward the serverless mine. For some applications, this paradigm may bring benefits. A lot of applications, thought, just don’t fit well in it. Maybe, a low and predictable latency is a strict requirement [1] or maybe you have to deal with a legacy application created with ancient technologies. Even Docker may not be the best choice for some workloads as we see in a following example. …

Image by Florian Timm

In this article we are going to see how to make the most out of using containers on AWS ECS gaining the ability to rollback a whole cluster within seconds to an arbitrary state (which usually will be the previous one).

Ancient deployment tools (please, forgive my poetic license), like fabric scripts for Django or capifony for Symfony for example, have some way to rollback a deploy. Usually this leverages capabilities of filesystems of making links: you issue the command which connects to one or more hosts and a symbolic link got updated to a folder with a new revision…

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