If I were you, David&Co.,
Alessandro Grasso

Agreed. It is always tricky to deal with this kind of intentional deception, or unintentional self-deception, that involves a conscious (or subconscious) ulterior motive. The main issue is Eric’s original premise was hyperbolic and, moreover, flat-out wrong — i.e. IOTA is not “centralized” if Coordinator can be disabled at any time and one can still use the network without it. The early stage of a new network is not a novel concept, hence the reason why IOTA is in a training wheels phase. This was always acknowledged, e.g. IOTA is noted to become “production ready” by end of 2017, while current release is more about having a reasonably mature protocol (though not yet ready to be standardized, as improvements continue to be made — e.g. today a partnership with a Russian university was announced, where its supercomputing cluster will be utilized to do further research on IOTA’s network, in the quest towards standardizing the protocol).

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