Nine Things to Consider for a More Effective Visit with Your Doctor


The following steps may provide means to an organized and effective doctor visit. With changing business scenarios, even the health care field is going through major changes. Doctors are supposed to maintain or increase their productivity by checking more patients and completing their paper work within the same amount of time.

The following nine-point checklist with entire information to the upcoming doctor’s visit will ensure effective utilisation of the time during the visit. Waiting time is reduced and more time can be spent with the doctor concentrating on you with a little preparation in advance.

Names, phone numbers and dates of treatment by other healthcare providers

Essential information such as name, contact number, previous treatment with health care facilities must be known before hand. As gathering medical information is an essential and time consuming process, the quicker and accurate information you provide reduces the information gathering time.

Lists of tests done

List of tests along with the name of healthcare facilities have to be recorded. Never forget to carry the results of the previous tests. This will reduce the time spent on waiting for the same.

Lists of all current medications

A list of all on-going medications such as prescription drugs, vitamins etc. The list should include the name of the medicine along with the dosage. Any allergic reactions to foods, medications should be made known to the Doctors Melbourne CBD.

Lists describing any side effects

Any side effects such as dizziness, nausea to any new medications should be listed.

Statement describing your primary problem

List the symptoms of the problem you want to be evaluated during your visit to the doctor. This will enhance the communication with the doctor as you will be able to clearly relate your problem. For example, instead of the vaguely telling “back pain” be more specific with the information to help the doctor with his/her diagnosis.

Tell the receptionist about multiple problems

Clearly address your problems with the receptionist before making your appointment. This will help the staff to schedule your appointment for the appropriate amount of time. Sometimes a general appointment may lead to a follow-up with additional concerns. Such mismanagement of time can occur if the problems are not clearly addressed at the earliest.

A concise list off questions

A list of questions you want to ask the doctor. Ask the same while in the examination room. This will help you in receiving the answers to your questions in an appropriate manner. General issues can be addressed by the staff instead of the nurse.

Pen and paper

Always make sure to carry the above nine-point check-list for your doctor visit. This will ensure a quality time with the doctor, as the doctor will be able to efficiently answer you queries.

Your Medicare card

Never forget to carry your Medicare card when you are visiting your doctor. This is a proof of your healthcare coverage and can prove out to be beneficial. You can as well consider carrying a photocopy of it.


Few things can help you make your visit to your doctor worthwhile and effective. These can help you derive more of the interactions you make with the doctors that you consult.

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