“DFS & DFS COIN” — Briefed Overview

DFS ( Daily Fantasy Sports) :-

Fantasy Sports is the virtual manifestation of sports having the same real life statistics of the players as well as all the strategic moves. The sports actually provides the means of earning as well as playing at the same time and same place. Fantasy sports have opened the ways of making money for sports enthusiasts.

All you have to do is make a team by opening a free account on Sports Fantasy platform and start competing against other players all over the World. A prize pool get maintained for all the tournament or one day series and the player who wins the tournament gets all the money. The money can also be withdrawn to the bank accounts as per the choice.

Earlier Transnational Issues with the “Daily fantasy sports sites”

1 . Very High risk of fraud and charge backs.

2 . DFS industry are expensive

3 . Elevated risk of fraud and charge backs.

4 . Risk of user account stealing and freezing.

5 . High charges of Daily fantasy sports sites.

6 . High Credit Card processing charges.

Crypto Currency?*

Cryptocurrency/Crypto Currency is also known as Future alternative currency, virtual currencies or Decentralized Currency. Crypto-Currency are most popular form of digital currency. These crypto-currencies are having value in real just like Goild, Silver $ or INR etc. Here is the list of some of the popular Crypto Currency.

Crypto Currency is a digital asset which we can use as investment, for transferring money or either to purchasing anything from any part of world. Which is not possible by fiat currency of any country. Cryptocurrency uses encryption algorithms which encrypt the block chain by public and private keys to make its transaction secure & also to control the creation of additional units of the crypto-currency.

For Example:- Doge Coin, Litecoin, BTC, Eth, Dash & other Alt coins.

DFS Coin :-

DFSCoin (DFS) is P2P Crypto-Currency for DFS Sites. DFS performs role of both an in game currency used to enter contests and as a payment processing network. Our coin is more secure for both the end user and fantasy sports sites. Transaction costs are fractions of a penny and our blockchain and open ledger players can be confidant their deposited funds are safe and used only to payout prize pools. DFS will be available starting this NFL season on DraftDaily.com, FanLucci.com and other B2B clients using our API suites and plug-ins.

DFS Coin is Now Trading on Coin Exchange too.


DFSCoin is highly secure and affordable solution for DFS ( Daily fantasy sports ) . DFS- Crypto Coin transactions charges are very less ( only .001 DFS ) DFS Block Chain Technology is highly secure than Paypal or credit cards. No chance of frauds and charge backs are here with DFS Block Chain.

DFS Coin ( Cryptocurrency ) Resolve all above mentioned Issues :-

DFS Coin provides best solution for Security issue, for High transaction fees & for Protection of user accounts. DFS Coin resolve all above mentioned problems by providing cost effective and highly secure blockchain technology. The Main goal of DFS Coin is to provide best DFS ( Daily fantasy sports ) platform to its user in a very efficient way, with DFS platform user can use bit coin to purchase DFS coins to participating/ playing games on DFS sites.
“ DFS -Coin is an official Cryptocurrency/block chain technology. It main purpose is provide blockchained fantasy sports platform which can allows worldwide sports followers to play in sports contests and tournaments without any restriction. DFS sites provides the best way for processing payments without any risk of frauds or charge backs.”
DFS Coin Crypto solution prevents frauds, Account steeling and player freezing, Prevents with High chrges and processing fees etc. DFS Coin Crypto solutions is completely legit Crypto. DFS Crypto-currency is now on some of the major coin exchange. Here is the market support that DFS coin is having:-

Current Gain 70–60%

This above graph shows high gain of DFS coin with time. Still DFS coins is attracting more and more investor and players too as DFS Crypto coin will be the future of Daily fantasy sports and good option for investors too to gain high in future.

DFS crypto-currency coin is already registered on some of the major Crypto- Currency Exchanges some of them are mentioned below. And very soon many more exchanges are going adopt it as it is having so many future applications.

So many DFS sites are getting in touch with DFS Coin team and they are adopting DFS coins as payment medium. Some of the major Daily fantasy sports sites who are already using DFS Coin as their payment are :-

1 . DraftDaily

2 . FanLucci

and so many more other DFS sites are using DFS coins as their payment method.

DFS Crypto Coin Technical Specs & Roadmap: -

Abbreviation of DFS Coin =- DFSPOW Rewards = 20 DFSCoinbase Maturity amount = 100 BlockAlgorithm is = ScryptTotal Supply of DFS coins = 210,000,000 (fixed)Premined Amount DFS Coins = 42,000,000

DFS Coins wallet Accessibility :-

Unlike other Crypto-Currency platform DFS Coins provides Wallets for: -

1 . Windows Wallet
2 . Linux Wallet too.

Here is the Future Vision of DFS team :-

Team DFS have already achieved more 70% goals they have decided to achieve this year. Team DFS is working so hard to achieve these goals and team is already in touch with so many fantasy sports websites. Maximum of them have agreed to use DFSCoin as the currency for transaction to meet emerging needs of the DFS world.


. In future, DFS coin is going to provide extreme potential to Daily Fantasy Sports and for Crypto Currency World too. DFS Coin project is mainly for Daily Fantasy Sports oriented and now so much value connected added to it. Today we got to know that millions of people are connected to DFS online gaming platform. These people take part in these fantasy sports with full enthusiasm, because this is the platform from where they can get wild entertainment and can get millions of $ from their prediction skills.

I know you will like this future project. I would like if everyone can visit their official website — http://dfscoins.com/ and get more updates about this Crypto Currency.

Hi Friends, be ready to make maximum out of this golden opportunity. DFS coin is already at 61% gain and it is going to get great hike of 500–1000% gain very soon to the current price.

Other Reading/Source:-

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“ I am going to post more about DFS Coin Crypto-Currency & about new ICOs . So, stay tuned for more updates about all these Future Currency. “

Author of this post:- Er Aj Kaushal

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