“Social Networking with Daily Fantasy Sports” — DFSCoin Future Plan

The DFSCoin has already revolutionized the Daily Fantasy Sports industry by integrating cryptocurrency and Blockchain together. Now DFS platforms like Dailydraft.com and FanLucci.com are using blockchain transaction which is highly secure and Cost effective. DFS Coin is made for the Daily Fanasy Sports and it had made it possible the use of blockchain technology ( cryptocurrency ) in the field of Fantasy Sports.

Introduction of Daily Fantasy Sports for new visitor and for those who are unaware with power of Fantasy Sports:-

Daily fantasy sports is the virtual manifestation of real sports into a platform where investors and people can select their own player and teams. People can make huge money after creating a free account and by competing in contests with other users. Daily Fantasy Sports is a very popular online gaming platform. Dfs gaming is based on the fantasy contests in which millions of people play every year. Some of the example for fantasy sports ARE football, baseball & the NFL season. For these fantasy sports, every year a group of people picks players form the player list, based on over the statistics course of the players during that season.it is pretty obvious that The winner is the person who drafts the team with the players with the best statistics.*

Here is one introductory video Daily Fantasy Sports and dailydraft.com . With this video you’ll have idea how these fantasy sports are being played and how people chooses players from players pool.

As cleared form above videos you can earn huge money from Dailydraft.com and FanLucci.com. As people have earned earlier. The beauty of Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS) is that, DFS is open for each and every player all around the world, and you can play against thousands of other gamer/people. Advantages of Daily Fantasy Sports is that DFS players and people who have invested money in organizing the contest can get thousands or sometimes millions of dollars for playing & participating in Daily Fantasy Sports.

DFS Coin and Its Technical Specs. :-

DFS Coins — Ideal Currency For Fantasy Sports. DFS coin is mainly made for Fantasy Sports & Fantasy Sports Lovers. DFS-Coins (DFS) stands for Daily Fantasy Sports. DFS coin is an advanced subset of daily fantasy sport games. It is an advanced version for fantasy sports sites. Fantasy sports are offered by the community for a short-term period of a time.

For example: — For 1 day or for a whole week competition.

DFS-Coins (DFS) blockchain is open-source P2P technology. DFS is the Currency Sign for DFS Coin. Here P2P means “there is no any central authority for issuing the money or tracking any of the transactions.

DFS coin has integrated both ends, i.e. it create a sports based P2P crypto-currency blockchain . Here 1st part is DFS coin block chain technology and 2nd part is Fantasy Sports Sites. Here crypto currency communities or network will manage these tasks as a team collectively.

Daily Fantasy Sports and DFS Crypto-Currency are made for each other. DFS Coin is a medium of operation as well as transaction over the DailyDraft and Fanlucci.com, the two websites which provides the platform for fantasy sports to the users are Worldwide popular ones. DFS Coin is actually inbuilt crypto-currency of DraftsDaily.com which allows it’s users to place a bid for each game within the DailyDrafts.com at very less cost as compare to other DFS Sites. Which doubles the benifts for fud raiser, people and for website owners too. All the prize will be rewarded in the crypto-currency & all the fiat money will be deposited against this crypto currency.

Vision behind DFS Coin :-

The Main motive to make DFS coin is to made for online players and Sports fan who are interested in Daily Fantasy Sports. By mean of DFS Crypto Currency coin user, player or investors can invest their money and Multiply their investment 100 times or 1000 times.

The DFSCoin is the best crypto-currency for fantasy sports that will permits all sports fans from worldwide to play in with different challenges and different competitions without confinement and DFS sites will give a financially savvy method for making installments without any danger of charge backs misrepresentation.

Safety Features of DFS Coin :-

DFSCoin is P2P block chain technology. This make it cheapest payment method for DFS sites, as bypass brokers and other intermediate party, who are going to take commission out of your transaction.

DFS is offering Lowest processing charges on purchasing DFS Coins. DFSCoin provides lowest charges for accessing Daily fantasy sports site(DraftDaily.com and FanLucci.com), who are accepting DFS coins as their payment method. Zero risk of fraud and charge backs. DFScoins offer no risk at all for users account.

DFS Coin Price Today’s :-

DFS Coin has showed significant growth today & as I just said yesterday it going to touch new heights very soon, so be ready for that as Bitcoin Fork coming near so people are going to invest their money in other altcoins which is going to pump up DFS Coin price too.

DFS Coin Market Cap:- ( coinexchange. io )

Major announcements :-

We are getting some major announcements form DFSCoin Team. They have made it clear that DFS Coin is going to launch the beta version of their Social Network where all the DFS Team, investors , crypto lover & as well as fantasy sports lovers can gathers and share updates with each other. Form DFSCoin’s Social media platform, people can share the latest news about each domain using their specific accounts. This is going to add a lot more liquidity to Coin Market and also provide another venture for various investors to invest in the DFSCoin

DFSCoin Crypto-Currency Market Supply :-

Abbreviation of DFS Coin = DFSPOW Rewards = 20 DFSCoinbase Maturity amount = 100 BlockAlgorithm is = ScryptTotal Supply of DFS coins = 210,000,000 (fixed)Premined Amount DFS Coins = 42,000,000

DFS Coins wallet Accessibility :- DFSCoin platform have provided its wallet for multiple operating system, which are: -

Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet too.

Conclusion of today’s talk:-

DFS Coin in Fantasy Sports platform provides a good platform for entertainment and for earning a good good amount of money on participating on Daily Fantasy Sports.

Today I’ve cleared that you can have entertainment and can also earn form Daily Fantasy Sports. Also showed you How a person can Participate In Fantasy Sports, Introduced DFSCoin. If you want to learn more about Daily Fantasy Sports and DFSCoins please visit my previous introductory posts :-


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So everyone who ever is Crypto Investor and DFS lover like me, Go rush to http://dfscoins.com/ and make great gains from this true future asset.

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Draftdaily Website :https://draftdaily.com/
Nova : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_DFS/

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