Choose the Best Mobile Ad Network to Improve Your Business

Monetize Your Mobile Apps Via Mobile Ad Networks

You probably have already tried a fistful of mobile ad networks, investing the considerable part of your day juggling your mind to try them out and have experienced so far both feelings of disappointment and satisfaction. If it is so, you are not the only one.

The road to building a successful app business is not at all an easy task and you must constantly experiment with the latest ad networks and technologies available in the market to find the one that best matches your marketing’s unique needs. It does not have to be necessarily a painful experience though.

To make your path easier we are here with the 5 most important angles to look at a mobile ad network before you decide to invest your time and give it a try.

1. Fill Rates:

A quick glimpse at your mobile analytics provider will show the countries or regions most your users are coming from.

Demography: If most of your users are coming from Southern part of India, for example, you should look and search for mobile ad networks that have a high fill rate in this specific demography else, you will not be able in making money at your fullest potential.

Consistency: This is a bit tricky to figure out beforehand, but you should target for a monetization partner that in the last 3 months had consistently high fill rates in the regions you are most interested.

Multiple in-app advertising solutions have developed interposition technologies and partnerships with ad exchanges to fight these issues and while endorsing near 100% global fill rate, make sure that you evaluate on achieved numbers that are hard facts and not just marketing talk.

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