Publishers can earn more by joining High paying Mobile ad network Apps Discover

JOIN the High Paying Publisher Ad Network

Mobile advertising companies from around the world pioneered the ad services agency concept back in 1996 and scaled through ad performance tracking to a variety of ad buyers. Initially, all ad platforms act as commission earners by conjoining publishers and advertisers. But, in 2016, during a decade, what we can analyze is that big brands like Google have acquired those pioneering companies and started a chain of a premium network for publishers.

Does that mean independent companies are extinct?

No! Small to mid-sized companies have grown over the decade by catering to mobile and video ad formats in line with the standards set by big corporations and have found their own niche. For example, some companies have started focusing on product launch rather than just offering services to their clients like Offerslook, Apps Discover Technologies, AOL — One, Appnext, Inmobi etc. It is important to gather information on how these companies have started their business with a powerful aim and eventually created products as a means to cater to the rising demands of their mobile ad network.

Our insights on mobile ad network practices will take you through a timeline of main events, ups and downs and much more.

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