The ERALôR Founder’s Circle

We are excited to offer our earliest and most eager supporters the opportunity to join our Founder’s Circle, an exclusive rewards club of 250 members!

The FC token, minting in July 2022, comes with an array of added benefits:

  • Founder’s Circle exclusive merch
  • Discounted merch & swag (25% off)
  • Early access to all IRL meet ups, events, experiences, & travel
  • Exclusive giveaways, raffles, & airdrops
  • Discounted mints (.04 eth)
  • Access to the BUILD YOUR OWN character prior to public, generative mint

We’ve also added 2 new benefits, exclusive to our August Series 1 mint:

The “Pay-it-Forward Campaign”
& FREE BYO mint for Series 1 Early Bird Founders

Check out the 51-second video update here:

Let’s dive into each of these, starting with the two we are most excited about.

We believe in paying-it-forward, in shining light on others, & in sharing good luck & fortune with others. Because that is one of our biggest missions with ERALôR, we’ve added a special “Pay it Forward campaign” to the Founder’s Circle!

NEW SPECIAL BONUS: For Series 1, all Founder’s will be able to gift another person access to 1 free, generative mint.

We ask that you choose this person intentionally.

  • Who do you know that would love our vibe?
  • Who loves storytelling & era driven art?
  • Who needs a little extra love & kindness in their life?
  • Who is interested in the NFT space but has been hesitant to jump in?
  • Who would be a great addition to our balanced, live-more community?

Give the gift of ERALôR to someone who would really relish in the opportunity to be a part of our community!

Each series will be limited to 1,000 pieces (though we see Series 1 being around or under 500 pieces). All of those CAN be a part of the generative process.

However, Founders have the chance & choice to build their own character prior to the generative mint (a total of 250 BYO available).

Using our website, they can choose the character of their choice, the costume, the costume color, accessory, background, flooring, and story “prop.”

This allows the FC to hand-build their desired character instead of “rolling the dice” on a surprise mint.

Founder’s will still need to purchase their mint, but instead of full price, their mint for BYO and all generative pieces is only .04 eth per NFT, half the price of our standard, generative mint (currently set to .08 eth).

NEW SPECIAL BONUS: For series 1 only, those who join the Founder’s Circle before August 17th, will receive their Series 1 BYO for free!

Please note: the BYO function is only available BEFORE generative minting begins. That is the only way to ensure there are no duplicates in our contract. Please listen & watch carefully to all dates & announcements about the BYO time window.

We love surprising our supporters and holders with raffles, giveaways, airdrops and more.

Since there are only 250 Founders, we have an opportunity to gift the circle in special ways. Think limited airdrops! Think giveaways and raffles, think fully paid travel to join us for an ERALôR experience… chosen from only the 250 founders. A 1/250 chance!

For some of our events, we’ll need to limit the number of guests due to space restrictions. The upside for Founders? They get first access to our events, trips, and travel. This is just another way of thanking the FC for joining us early & putting their faith in our team and project!

There is no hiding the fact that we love merch & swag! Not only will the Founder’s receive a discount on ALL merch from our Merch store, we will have limited designs made for the Founder’s Circle, only available to our Founders!

The Founder’s Circle token is .25 eth.

We chose this price very intentionally, as with all things in ERALôR. With standard mint currently set to .08 eth, purchasing 6 mints (say 2 for 3 series) at the discounted .04 eth will essentially “pay” for you FC membership!

We realize this is not a small amount for many people. We really do pride ourselves on being inclusive and accessible, so we want to remind you that we know this isn’t an option for everyone.

But we feel this an incredibly valuable way to join us early, with an ongoing expression of gratitude in the form of airdrops, discounts, and exclusive opportunities.

Early? Yes.

Our Series 1 art launches in August 2022. Founder’s will begin the BYO process 2 weeks after FC mint begins. While 2 weeks isn’t too long to wait, we still view your support as early & want to reward you for that support.

Also, we have long-term plans with ERALôR. We see Series 1 as a limited, small collection (likely under 500 pieces), the first step in an amazing journey ahead of us!

We are so excited, humbled, and grateful to begin this journey. Our Founder’s will be integral to the energy, vibe, and momentum set for our project and community, forever engraining them to the Bucks family and the legacy that is and will be ERALôR.

Until next time, be well, be safe, be happy…
MamaBucks & team



ERALORE was created by a husband & wife team focused on creating a balanced mindful community. ERALôR features character art, storytelling, & IRL experiences.

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ERALORE was created by a husband & wife team focused on creating a balanced mindful community. ERALôR features character art, storytelling, & IRL experiences.