The Emergence of Cinematic Wedding Movies

It’s very often that photographers explain clients/friends about the difference between traditional video and cinematic wedding movie these days, as the trends in wedding photography and video in India is going through a remarkable revolution. Yes revolution. Every revolution has its merits and demerits. Fortunately this revolution has mostly merits. Let’s review how the Indian clients look at cinematic videos.

Weddings celebrations in India is a very sentimental subject, considering the families attachments, rituals, status quo and so on. Traditionally all this was shot in a start to end format, which turned out to be monotonous enough. People would rarely watch or enjoy 6–7 DVDs run showing each and every detail of the functions. Old movie songs (almost same songs for years) played in the background tried to add emotional touch to the videos that had commonly used templates.

However the scenario is changing now. As the modern day clients show curiosity towards cinematic captures and fun videos. Yes Fun… fun which is an integral aspect of every wedding. And when it is filmed with creativity, high quality video captures, storytelling interviews, enchanting music it adds a different flavor to the event. Today, most of the cinematographers look at shooting and editing each wedding as differently and artistically. Every movie is treated uniquely and presented exclusively. The entire teams including, right from the cinematographer, DOP, editing team all are professionally skilled and experienced in their own way. Their creativity and imaginative genius makes the wedding movie an outstanding creation. And all this is evident when you watch the entire movie that covers all the aspects like the rituals, all events, relatives and their interviews compiled in an interesting manner, which keeps all captivated throughout.

Cinematic video and traditional video differ not only in its appearance but also obviously in terms of the budget. Like candid photography even cinematic movies are available across different budget range. Needless to say that the bracket difference comprises to the style and technique, quality, experience and so on.

We at CamEra feel it is extremely important to connect with our client. It is extremely important for the bride and the groom and also their families to be comfortable with our team, at the same time they should be aware of captures. Finally the editing plays a key role in the movie making. It is very important to decide on the most suitable captures and blend them together to create pleasing and captivating imagery.

A cinematic wedding movie is like a Bollywood movie which has all the ingredients to make it a big and instant hit. It creates an aura of emotions in such a beautiful way that people remember it for years to come.

Today’s modern Wedding Photographers in Mumbai adapts to all such techniques to make weddings look dramatic and one of the most wonderfully rich experiences which the couple can cherish for lifelong.