Why do ‘I’ exist?

I have read many stories from my current classmates that introduce elements of thinking outside the box and I wish to consult an issue we all face once in our lifetime… existence. We all wonder why we were made, what was our purpose and most of all, why am I unique compared to the 7.4 billion people around the world. I always ask this question myself but after hours of thinking to myself, I found the answer to the question we all ask.

We exist as a chain and if one of us breaks, the others start to weaken out. It sounds like a vague comment but it is the truth, without anyone else, we can’t function at our best. If you question our existence, think of all the people who love you in this world. You might believe that it is just your relatives, but without you, how will their world function? Leaving them in despair makes them vulnerable to horrible fates that YOU could have prevented by existing in this wonderful world. Of course, that is a naive comment because our world consists of huge problems that can’t be fixed without your help. You might think that your role in life is very small but helping the poor lady cross the street or picking up a pop can isn’t a small feat, it’s the start of something greater. In this stage of life, one doubts themselves and starts to question their motives/traits but being yourself is starting to become a superpower. We follow the trend without thinking for ourselves and doing such a thing can cause depression because YOU aren’t you. For all we know, you could be the next Nelson Mandela, creator of the cure for cancer, world peace representative or the next president. Just because you face a small downfall in life, doesn’t mean its downhill from there on. Like an arrow, you’re being pulled back to be aimed at something better than you ever imagined.

I would like to share a personal story that I had relating to existence. I never had suicidal thoughts but I doubted my career choice for 10 years. I always thought that I would be an accountant or lawyer but just last year, I realized how much potential I have. A dear friend of mine came up to me and was feeling depressed so I consulted him. After hours of talking, I realized how motivational I am towards to others. That might sound like a comment that one would roll their eyes at but after that day, I was consulted with many others about being such a motivational figure but I never took that to heart because I knew that I had my own insecurities. Some of you might know that I love Marvel and the amazing characters that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought to life. When I saw the Avengers with a couple of my friends, they all commented on loving Iron Man the most but I was the only one to feel connected with Captain America. Ever since that day, I loved reading about Captain America and learning about how he wanted to represent his country. Even though he wasn’t bulky, his heart and courageous behavior made him the best man to represent freedom. He started out as a man with a dream but couldn’t reach such a goal but he didn’t give up because he wanted to represent his country, even if he isn’t ‘fit’ to fight. After being introduced to such characters that brought my outer-inspiration out, I knew what my purpose was now. I wanted to become a comic-book writer and influence the world with my creativity. This whole story about me isn’t supposed to make me feel like a better person , it’s supposed to show how one could find their purpose. We always here the phrase “pursue what you like” and it's such a cliche comment but it is actually true. Your existence might be miserable currently but you have to pursue and find out what convinces you to live. For me, it’s Marvel but for you, it might be video games, watching tv shows, sports or reading books. Without you, how can the chain be stable? We need you even if you think that you are worthless. So let’s keep the chain intact and care about each other because we exist for a reason, even if we don’t know about it now but let’s work towards building our existence and belief in others because, without them, it’s possible that we can’t be ourselves.

All in all, our existence isn’t a ‘coincidence’ or a ‘mistake’ because we live for different reasons, but we share something and with our wit and will, we can continue on the path of life while taking the road of success by pursuing what you love more than anything. You are the key to someone’s success and without you, they are also locked out life. Life might seem downhill from here on but look up and not down because the best things in life are right in front of you. Open the door of success and never look back because life is not about looking back, it is about looking forward to new opportunities and new reasons to live.

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