Journey Into Coding

It has been one week now at the front end course at The Iron Yard school for coding, and I couldn’t be happier and more mentally exhausted! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made! It’s amazing how far the class has come in just one week.

What makes this process so special is my learning environment. I’m honored to be a part of this process and am thankful to have an awesome instructor and terrific classmates. It’s really something when the class comes together to work as a team. We are all really focused and it shows.

I came into this knowing nothing, and I mean nothing about coding. I am now proud to say that I know the basics of HTML, CSS, how to use the terminal and Atom text editor, and GitHub. One week ago I only knew of the terminal as some weird geeky tool that I had no business using, but now I’m able to use the terminal to navigate my way through directories or use it to push my work to GitHub. I’m able to build a basic web layout with responsive attributes such as hovering effects that change the color or opacity of a content box/image. As an example I wrote this code in my HTML:

 <div class=”popular”>

<div class=”container3">
 <div class=image>
 <a href=””>
 <img src=”images/article-image-1.jpg” alt=”Surfer Dude”>
 <span class=”image-text”>ANOTHER COOL POST</span>

This was part of an assignment in which we were given a web page to reproduce using everything we’d learned in the first week. Here I wrote some code that has a horizontal solid line followed by a header saying “MOST POPULAR POSTS” which just below are 4 images, the first of which is shown here. What this code shows is that inside a div named container3 are the image sources wrapped in anchor(link) tags, and a text caption that is seen on top of the image.

Nothing about the first week was easy, but nothing good comes easy. What seemed to be clicking in the beginning, soon left me struggling to execute my assignments. I had heard about hitting walls and fighting through them, and here I was the first week into school and hitting that wall. Using all the tools given as well as even using google to look up how to write out a an “nth- child” child selector in CSS, I kept trying to problem solve. I am proud to say I kept my composure and dug deep. It resulted in a breakthrough of understanding HTML and CSS! What a feeling it is when it just starts clicking!

I’m happy about this victory and prepared to hit many more walls. I’m seeing how that’s just part of being a developer. It’s okay to be stuck…just keep composure and focus on solving the problem. I can’t wait to see what challenges lie ahead for week two. It’s been nothing short of life changing…so here’s to one successful week at The Iron Yard!

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