Blockchain and its Potential in Education

Cristina Turcu , Cornel Turcu , Iuliana Chiuchișan

Hoy traemos a este espacio este artículo titulado: “Blockchain and its Potential in Education” de Cristina Turcu , Cornel Turcu , Iuliana Chiuchișan. Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava 13, University Street, Suceava, RO-720229, ROMANIA.


The proposed paper presents a literature review regarding the status of integrating the dynamic blockchain technology in the educational field. Blockchain is a relatively new technology and the same is its implementation in education. The emerging need in this area of research, which still is in its infancy, is justified by the possible use cases; some of these cases are in piloting phase, while others have already been adopted by educational institutions. This paper focuses on extending knowledge about blockchain and on identifying the benefits, risks and the associated challenges regarding the successful implementation of blockchain-based solutions in the field of education, fully in line with standards and guidelines for quality assurance.