Blockchains and their impacts on Higher Education

Kiran Kodithala. @KiranKodithala

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta conferencia del YouTube de
N2N Services Channel
titulada “Blockchains and their impacts on Higher Education” de Kiran Kodithala @KiranKodithala President & CEO of @N2NServicesInc. Technology Innovator with focus on #Blockchains | #SaaSPlatforms | #EnterpriseIntegration | #CloudMigration | #Philanthropy, y que nos presentan así:

Imagine an interconnected ecosystem where a student can learn at their own pace from anywhere — college, work, even learn on their own by watching videos on YouTube. The student can then receive credits for this learning from educational institutions or certified learning evaluators and these credits can be used to pursue higher degrees or even secure a job. This dream of higher ed transformation is now possible, thanks to Blockchain technology.

Juan José Calderón Amador * ✘ ★

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