Discolored Teeth: Five Foods that Cause Stains

Oral cavity is sometimes taken for granted and doesn’t take seriously. Why this is so?

Teeth, gums and tongue are the parts of body that are at work most of the time and one never values the work of these oral organs. But when the teeth starts getting yellowish, the gums start bleeding or the tongue is having hard time to swallow then a person wakes up for the checkup. Previously nobody was much aware by the food and choices we make are good or not.

If we are not going to take care of our oral cavity we might get other problems like cavity development, root canal, invisaligns, dental implants and many more. To avoid all these kind of treatment, you better need to sharpen your nails and take care of your hygiene of oral cavity.

Do you have any idea what are the foods that can damage the teeth and eventually you need to have the dental treatments. If not, this article I will tell you in detail.

Food that contains Sugar

The most avoided food that is hazardous for the oral cavity is the food that contains sugar level. The sugar not only damages the health is you are diabetic. If you are not then it may facilitate you in putting on some extra pounds. But if we will discuss the oral cavity and its problems related to sugar that’s the food than can leave cavities behind.

Products that are related to Tomato

When we are talking about products that contain tomato, it is not just tomato. This means that products that have tomato are the ones that contain acid too much. That acid can pigment your teeth and can turn to yellow. The products like ketchup, pasta sauce or any sauce that has tomato as the major ingredient can leave yellowish stains on the teeth. The enamel of the teeth is really soft. So it is recommended that whenever you need to eat the tomatoes products try to accompany that food with dark vegetables to provide your teeth the secure covering to protect the enamel of the teeth.

Fizzy drinks/ hot drinks

Our teeth are very sensitive must be protected to avoid dentures or tooth transplant in later ages. You want to retain the teeth with their natural colour and strength. How this will happen?

You need to try to protect your teeth from the fizzy, carbonated drinks, or if you really want to take try to use straw for minimum interaction with teeth. Secondly if you are habitual of drinking tea or coffee, try to avoid drinking at first early in the morning. It is highly recommend that eat something before having tea or coffee.

Rasberries, strawberries, blueberries

There are some fruits that are mentioned above are really healthy for everyone but full of antioxidants. The berries are having strong colors like cherries, when you eat they leave the purple stain behind on your teeth and mouth. That is really not good for the teeth. In order to protect your teeth from discolouration because of berries you need to brush your teeth instantly you finish with them.

Dressing for the salads with Balsamic Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic, so whatever the vinegar you are using if food or salads is definitely dangerous for the enamel of the teeth. While in cooking the vinegar has been cooked with vegetables or chicken while we see the salads and their dressings, the vinegar is directly used without being diluted. This form of vinegar is always dangerous for the tooth enamel. Salads are yummy, nobody can leave them, but the best you can do is to brush your teeth after eating such type of food items. As you are the one who will take care of your self.