Are the wealthy human?

Are rich people actually people?

The humanity of the wealthy has long been a controversial subject. As the gap between the rich and the poor widens globally, it is worth giving this taboo issue the serious attention it deserves.

Who are the wealthy?

The wealthy live in the seclusion of dark, looming towers. They view the great teeming mass of humans as zombies, mindless automatons who would explode into a frenzy of violence if left to act as they pleased. They are also interested in harvesting the blood of the young to extend their lives. Sound familiar?

Well, you might say, sure, the rich have some pretty kooky behaviors. Does that make it fair to be talking about them like a different species?

In biology, a species is distinguished from others by the capacity of its individual members to exchange genes. Occasionally you may find the odd pair of species capable of interbreeding, resulting in a sterile aberration such as a mule. But these are exceptions to the rule. The wealthy hang out with one another, they fuck one another, and they send their children to the same schools. The tendency of the wealthy to keep to themselves has been observed throughout the centuries.

All of their activities were once done as far away from humans as possible. Lately, though, the wealthy have gotten cocky, and they feel comfortable around a lesser species that has been trained to flatter their sensibilities.

In practice, they are already a discrete species from Homo sapiens, but that isn’t enough for some. The wealthy dream to cement their places in the firmament as deathless post-humans. Many have given other indications that they have lost their grip on reality.

If these ventures were being carried out by the town eccentric or your odd uncle, they’d hardly bear comment. And yet these are the most far-sighted pursuits of the most powerful people on the planet.

The wealthy could, without a word of protest from the masses, provide clean water for all, end every war, bring medicine to the ailing, and solve any number of social ills. Why, in an age of unprecedented material abundance, haven’t the wealthy fed the hungry? The answer is chilling in its simplicity: they don’t want to.

Wealth is radioactive: it damages your very being just by proximity. Even climbing from humble beginnings into the ranks of the superrich isn’t enough to guarantee one will not turn on the few protectors of yesteryear’s shrinking safety net. Their priorities are distorted, to say the least.

Some individual members of the wealthy may rise above their condition and forsake the material and social advantage over their inferiors, but it will be an act of incredible strength for those few. In general, you could sooner expect a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Who do the wealthy blame for the world’s ills?

The answer changes to suit their time and circumstance, but it is never a group that matches them in power.

The miserable state of affairs in the United States is pinned on — among many others — immigrants who are just following money that was dragged across an arbitrary border.

Problems across Europe are blamed on refugees from a war that the wealthy are finding all too profitable. Countless examples abound.

As long as the wealthy exist, there will be this process of scapegoating as they seek to deflect attention from their hoarded riches. When things get bad, they engage in dehumanization of select minorities, which may then lead to the mass extermination of their target group. This process, of course, is one they find very lucrative. The wealthy can stop being wealthy any time; the same cannot be said of the black, the brown, the Jewish, and how many others.

As the scapegoats come and go, the wealthy maintain their domination of human affairs. They are content to steer human civilization down a path towards irreversible climate death. The relationship between the wealthy and humanity is that of strangler and victim, where every gasp is another quarter of profits, but one closer to the final breath to be drawn. And when humans are gone, the wealthy will either be a handful of mutated post-human sojourners riding a scorching planet in search of new ones to wreck, or they will be gone as well.

One thing is certain: the wealthy must be stopped, for our sake and theirs. It may seem daunting, but keep in mind they have always sought to divide humans between scapegoat and executioner because they know that the unified power of the species is too great.

Humanity’s freedom from the vampires will yield every reward: creative autonomy, true fellowship, loving togetherness, ethical relationships, authentic living, ages of exploration, freedom from want, simple dignity, the time to think and read and play.

But first, we must organize.