I think Mr.
Kady M.

“You go on to implicitly agree with him when you post this:”

Perhaps you would see how silly the comment is if were to attempt to break it down into rigorous logical steps.

“While it’s true that we have no agreed upon “gauge” which measures authoritarianism, the general view is the number of personal and business decisions are moved from persons and businesses to the government;”

I’ll accept that as a decent first approximation, but there are enough counterpoints to reduce its utility. For example, the citizen is not permitted to participate in the decision as to how smooth the freeway should be. Nor is the citizen permitted to decide whether a particular chemical is carcinogenic. In this case, the fact that the state makes the decision for the citizen removes a burden from that citizen.

The second glitch with your suggestion concerns decisions that reflect trade-offs between one citizen and another. The government might condemn the land of a private landowner in order to construct a road through that land. This hurts one landowner but benefits many other citizens. This is a clear case of making a decision for the citizen that is beneficial to society as a whole.

“The most obvious expression of authoritarianism is high rates of taxation,…”

Oh Lordy, here we go with another anti-tax screed. Look, friend, if you want to build a ship and go live in the middle of the ocean without any interaction with anybody else, then you won’t have to pay any taxes. But the minute you join society and start enjoying the fruits of social and economic interaction, you have a moral responsibility to pay for those fruits. Freeloading on other people’s work is unethical. So kwitcherbitchin about taxes, OK?

“…egregious business regulation…”

So you see no problem with one citizen injuring other citizens to gain money. Sorry, I think that’s unethical.

“…Hence the use of the term “egregious.”…”

Does the vagueness of that term deprive your argument of any significance? Perhaps it would be useful if you were to cite an example of an egregious regulation. And be specific!

“Now, in keeping with the above article, let’s apply the “lenses” to those.”

Inasmuch as I reject the assumption that liberals and conservatives are correctly described by those traits, the conclusions that you draw based on that assumption are of no significance to me.