The magnificient rays of the sun illuminate a tranquil August morning, making the end of a month some would rather deem all the happenings objectionable. Be it as it may, such illusion in any serious society are not only offensive but also bigoted. Here is my story.

I enveloped my rage in the carnage of my being, I was a devastated soul. I was torn between choosing fate or living my destiny. I waged war on myself, not that i disappointed myself but simply because I failed to realize my potential. I always played the spectator , leaving people stumble on me, they tainted me as I watch and made fun of me as i played along. But when the joke is on you is it still funny?

My cover page was a one word story. A story few could unravel the background information about. I stoopped too low, not that i was skeptical about life but simply because I was timid to venture. I am a herdsman from the Savannah. I took the journey to the dreamland; to tomorrow and often my role as a cast in the movie of life was just observing and questioning it.

My elementary life was chaotic, I had to learn the hard way. I had to customize my tears into a lesson, graft my sorrows into a step and take every bitter moment as a sentence to develop a dissertion. It took time yes but somehow I came to realize myself. I developed an inbuilt immunity to life chaos, I mutated into something close to an alien. Maybe worse radicalized not to give a damn to people’s opinions. I developed an attitude, centered my ecocentrism in my world of idealism. I had to be smart not by looking down upon humanity but realizing the world belonged to none. I chose to fight it my way. Amending my constitution and appending my mistakes.

Coping with cyclics and skeptics was a norm. Change was inevitable. My wall clock was tickling, my school bell was ringing, I looked back where i came from, I meandered through the small spaces. My discipline nurtured me and I took great care of the man in me. I share my life as an open book. I consider myself as a cryon, I may not be the favorite color for everyone , but someday many will need me to complete their picture.

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