Worry about your future staking? Don’t know to do during this unprecedented time caused by COVID19? Then here is a unique staking opportunity of TimeAlly which offers flexible & rewarding SAP’s exclusively for you.

#TimeAlly https://timeally.io/

Era Swap Token is subject to Market Risk: Read Era Swap White Paper, Green Paper & Terms & Conditions before participating.


Era Swap Blockchain Network One Of The Fastest, Low-Cost, and Undervalued Future Solution To create your free Era Swap Wallet visit https://www.eraswap.life/

To know more about Era Swap (ES), visit https://eraswap.info/

It is a Blockchain Explorer powered by Era Swap in order to be transparent with its users and keep them updated. ESN: https://eraswap.network/

Era Swap Token: https://eraswaptoken.io/


Does Participating In ESN POS CP Affects Tokens In TimeAlly 1LT Stakings?

TimeAlly 1LT holder’s tokens are holded safely in TimeAlly Vault. TimeAlly holders solely transfer their rights to Blokcee, in good faith, and they can do this delegation every 30 days and 10 hrs. So there is no affect in the count of staked ES of holders in TimeAlly Vault, unless penalized for wrong doing or malicious activity. Also, those who have 1LifeTimes and do not want to exit with issTime Limit should extend their contract for next-year before they complete their 12-Months of Contract.

#TimeAlly1LifeTimes | Introduction | Era Swap Blockchain Network:- https://youtu.be/YKbefWAMUag

Era Swap Token is subject to Market Risk: Read Era Swap White Paper, Green Paper & Terms & Conditions before participating.

TimeAlly Super Goal Achiever Plan (TSGAP) is a decentralized Smart Contract powered Systematic Accumulation Plan to safeguard your interest so that you can have a helping hand to support you achieving your goal & make the most of your golden years with financial independence


  • Guarantee
  • Power of Compounding
  • Booster Bonus
  • Day Swappers Reward
  • Nominate Your Legacy
  • Appointees

What is Spartan Day Swappers?

Spartan Day Swappers are Day Swappers that commits to adding new Day Swappers for the long-term within the Era Swap Mission 100 Period https://dayswappers.com/


TimeAlly 1LifeTimes is built especially for the stakers, who want to support Era Swap Blockchain Network and Accumulate Era Swap in the Long-Term & Why you should choose TimeAlly 1LifeTimes?

+Multiple Rewards Options

+ Long-Term Benefits

+ Flexibility + No Central Authority

+ Total Control over your Assets

+ Era Swap Blockchain Network Participation


TimeAlly1LifeTimes Introduction:- https://youtu.be/YKbefWAMUag

Era Swap Token is subject to Market Risk: Read Era Swap White Paper, Green Paper & Terms & Conditions before participating.

Swappers Wall

Create Your Profile & Get Rewards For Your Quality Posts On Era Swap Powered Social Network Platform.

Download 1DAAP & Get Access SwappersWall:- https://bit.ly/3m3wKX3

How To Use Swappers Wall Through Era Swap Life


Era Swap

If you want to know the true potential of Era Swap, check out these below articles to learn more about Project Era Swap

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ADD US ON COINMARKETCAP WATCH LIST TO STAY UPDATED: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/era-swap/

Era Swap Network

The returns are Completely based on external factors like market forces, the performance of the node on which they have delegated their stakes, and it isn’t dependent on the efforts of the Miner.

Swap To Next Era:- https://bit.ly/2Tkslqp


All #TimeAlly1LifeTime Stake holders will get opportunity to avail TimeAlly loan which they have to repay back within 30 Day 10 Hours or before end of ES NRT Month (whichever is earlier). There will be an interest of 0.1% per day on the loan amount.

if the staker fails to repay back the TimeAlly Loan Principle amount and interest, then the stakes of the staker will be burnt. The amount of Loan, for which an individual staker is eligible, depends on his IssTimeLimit, however it cannot be more than 97% of the current staking. As per the IssTime Limit, a…

Day Swappers

All active Day Swappers are eligible for Day Swappers Incentives from the date of getting Active with 100 ES.

Don’t miss a single opportunity of Day Swappers leverage income by being late to be active.

It’s ideal to be active immediately post NRT release to grab all Incentives for the month. Faster you are active for the month The maximum would be your ES Earnings. https://dayswappers.com/

If you are active on the 3rd day of NRT release then you will be losing your Day Swappers incentives of the first 2-days which came before you got active, so Hurry Up!!!

The Most Important DApp Of Era Swap #DaySwappers:- https://youtu.be/IlqE1JDs_eY

Era Swap Foundation OÜ

Delivers successful end to end blockchain-based solutions for global clients. Supporting Era Swap DAO & its services.

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