Era Swap Wallet brings you a secure transaction wallet for your Cryptocurrency trade.

EraSwap Wallet

Era Swap brings you a secure transaction wallet for your Cryptocurrency trade.

Since ancient time, humans have shared numerous assets. Today time has come to digital currency or virtual economy. Era Swap is the foundation of new ‘shared economies’ named as Era Swap Token. Unlike Bitcoins, Etheruem, Litecoin, Era Swap Token is a utility token and Era Swap uses Hybrid Blockchain of Ethereum & Hyper Ledger to create a a use case Blockchain-based platform.

Era Swap knows that to power the distributed community platform, there needs a strong and secure payment network. For this intention, Era Swap is initiating a wallet that is backing multiple digital currencies and is greatly secured. This wallet will also enable you in exchanging a few selected tokens within the wallet, such that a user can save extra the transaction charges to move tokens to and from exchanges.

To develop a better platform and offer extended solutions for our users, we are building such a wallet that has multi-factor authentication together with biometric authentication for security. The private keys are kept only with the Token holders or user. This wallet by Era Swap will support multiple digital currencies such as ETH, BTC and ERC-20 tokens. InWallet swaps will be enabled for specifically selected tokens through an integration of ComputeEx an exchange offering by Era Swap. This is how Era Swap will aid our users or Token holders to save on transaction fees they incur when they move their assets to and from exchanges. Era swap wallet has the top-of-the-range UI with all features such as token spending and value graphs, etc.


1. Multifactor + Biometric Authentication.

2. In wallet token swap to save users’ transaction costs.

3. Private keys stored only with the user to ensure maximum security.

4. Automatic buying and selling at price triggers.

Conclusion: Era Swap is very serious about the security of platform users’ tokens, and intently producing the right solutions to secure the transaction obtained on the Era Swap Platform.

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