Teamwork Is The Key To Success

Become an Early by participating in Era Swap Mission Varchasva International Meet 2022 and benefit from this virtual asset on a booming blockchain network

Round-6 Period: 4th March to 15th April 2022

For Criteria 1: Buy 6000 USDT worth WES from Era Swap Foundation on CMC Rate.

USDT ERC-20 address:-

USDT TRC 20 address:-

For Criteria 2: Send 400000 ES ERC-20 & Receive 450000 WES

For Criteria 3: Send 500000 ES Native & Receive 600000 WES

ES ERC20 & NATIVE WALLET ADDRESS 0xe994489533140AA2a63A561b026e67267b6052cC



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Era Swap Foundation OÜ

Era Swap Foundation OÜ

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