Weightlifting Belts — Do’s and Don’ts

Weightlifting belts are a significant equipment in your training stock. Majority of the people think that these belts provide support to the back and can assist in preventing injury. That is generally correct, but a good understanding of functioning will help people use their equipment in the right manner. If you are a wrestler or a weight lifter, following advices will help you make correct decisions regarding the purchase and usage of belts.

Select Belt Material Depending On Your Lifting Style

Belts are made from different kind of materials like velcro, suede, leather. It all depends on your personal choice. Leather belts are preferred as they tend to be more durable, stiffer and come with better construction. A suede belt is softer and gives more ease. While velcro belts offer more mobility and versatility.

Check Your Belt For Fit and Comfort

You can never know about the type of belt without giving it a try or lifting in it. The accurate measurement of your waist circumference can help you find out how big belt you require. Get the accurate measurement by getting the tape around your belly button, not your hips.as it will be a waste of time purchasing wrong belt size. Belts with varying widths are available in the market. 4,3 and 2.5 inches wide belts are available but most people prefer 4 inches width.

Wear It Right Way

When you wear a belt, make sure that is positioned correctly and tightened. Most of the times, weight lifter move their belts under their gut to feel more comfortable, however, it is contrary to teachings of belt usage. Make sure the belt should not be very loose, although most of the weightlifter make it too tight. A belt becomes so tight that it makes you unable to contract your abdominal wall. Take a long breath and hold it for a while, place the belt in position and brace the abdominal wall to get maximum benefit.

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