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We’re very thrilled to announce that our Colendi Mobile ÐApp is now available for iOS and Android. It is available for all the people who can start using our native ÐApp after downloading and registering by filling out the form in the app. Both iOS and Android users can directly download it from their application stores by simply clicking on the LINK.

Our native mobile application was firstly introduced by our team in Webrazzi Fintech conference in December 2018. As in the earlier alpha web application, beta users were selected and invited to create their digital and self-sovereign Colendi ID…

How to Create and Maintain Your Colendi Account

Previously, we have covered the Colendi Products and most importantly for your Colendi Account, the Colendi ID, which is the flagship product of Colendi that gives you an anonymous and genuine Digital Identity on which only you have the full control. All other advantages and processes of Colendi are designed to be connected to this Colendi ID in order to form a common ground for all protocol contributors.

Create Your Digital ID

It is crucial for you to fully understand how you will create your Colendi ID when you register for the first time. As an application handing full sovereignty…

Insights From Accis Roundtable 2018 Event

Last week we attended the prestigious ACCIS Roundtable 2018 Event in Istanbul hosted by Turkish member Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB) which is the central credit bureau in Turkey and supported by other sponsors: Colendi, Crede, CyberArts and Tazi. ACCIS is short for Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers, which is a Belgium based trade association whose mission statement is enabling individuals and businesses to take informed decisions and conduct secure, trustworthy and efficient financial operations. The association represents the largest group of credit reference agencies in the world. …

Join Beta Application Waitlist

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our waitlist for Colendi Mobile Beta ÐApps as a native mobile client for Android and IOS users. Our ambition is to invite you to a developing beta application granting you free Colendi Score evaluations to establish the first basis of our growing user base.

We are working towards expanding the Colendi with you and give privileged early access to the beta application participants before the app is published publicly. As early adaptors, you will, therefore, be able to enjoy Colendi’s unique services before anybody else. …

This day marks one of the milestones of the Colendi Project, as we are finally announcing the Colendi Card, which will open the doors to the incorporation of the most common payment method to the Colendi application. Decades of consumer payment habits are now available in the Colendi platform where the users can acquire their physical Colendi Card and connect it to their Colendi ID and Colendi Score.

Colendi Card is considered to be a crucial element for Colendi adaptation in the communities where the old payment habits are relatively harder to transform. Considering people’s need to microfinancing and a…

We released our alpha app almost two weeks ago for interested users and have received great feedback.

Those initial users received links to the alpha product and are now able to create their first-ever Colendi IDs. They have witnessed their first Colendi Score calculation and were able to explore merchants who would do business with them based on their Score and ID. The users also received invites to Ethereum testnet and their Colendi Tokens and Ethereums, which they could exchange and make transactions on the testnet.

We are very pleased with how the community reacted and what it could mean…

Previously, we have posted the You Asked We Answered Part 1 to answer the introductory phase questions about Colendi. Our intention was to create an as clear explanation as we can in order to explain the vision we have in Colendi. In part 2, we are now starting to dig deeper into Colendi Product. You can see below questions and answers specific to the project and application. We recommend you to read the FAQ posts in the numerical order to better grasp the notion and the methodology of Colendi. …

Previously, we posted part one of our FAQs where we responded to introductory questions about Colendi. Our intention was to create a clear explanation for the vision we have for the company. In part two, we will dig deeper into Colendi. Below, you will find questions and answers specific to the project and application.

Our community is always welcome to reach out via social media with any additional questions. We will continue to post additional responses to FAQs in the future.

What is Colendi ID?

In short, a Colendi ID is a digital identity assigned to a Colendi user. The objective of Colendi ID…

Colendi Alpha Product

On July 7th, we announced that the Colendi alpha product was ready to meet its first public users. We introduced the main features on our blog and described what Colendi will be introducing to its community.

As we release the alpha product to the volunteering members of our community, we wanted to prepare a guide that you can consult to better comprehend what’s inside Colendi.

When you first open the Colendi application, you are going to see a screen where you can login and register. To register, you will be asked to create a pin number, a password for yourself…

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