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Jason Civalleri

Hackernews discussion on how Augur, whose entire model depends on assets under control of information fed by oracles, still achieves trustlesness.

Augur is an implementation of the Truthcoin project, which I referenced in my disclaimer. Truthcoin and variations of it may indeed allow trustless financial derivates, in which case there is no longer any need for Prism.

Oracalize comment on how products still can still be trustless while the oracle community evolves.

This discussion only relates to how the oracle can provide certain security guarantees that the data delivered has not been tampered with from the source. You still have to trust the source itself. This is what Oraclize says on the matter if you read the post: “Why would I trust a data-source? Most of the times you shouldn’t.”

A documented discussion acknowledging the contradiction between the current state of trusted oracles and trustless smart contracts, and an attempt to resolve the issue.

An acknowledgement of the contradiction does not remove the contradiction and suddenly make it an industry norm to call trusted setups trustless. In fact, I would argue to the contrary. Moreover, it does not discuss how to resolve the issue, it merely discusses methods of mitigating the issue, which would in turn make an oracle approach more trustworthy, but by no means trustless.

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