Hedera Hashgraph — Time for some FUD

Eric Wall
Eric Wall
Sep 2 · 17 min read
The sales pitch, basically. From their own website.

Unpacking the Hedera Hashgraph FUD

In this post, I’m going to try to tackle one simple question: How does Hedera Hashgraph supposedly achieve 10,000+ TPS?

The relationship between Proof-of-Work and low TPS

Tweets from Demetri Kofinas, a Hashgraph proponent and podcast host of Hidden Forces.

Understanding block propagation (simplified)

Quick note on speed: There are two ways DLTs can go “faster”.

Hedera Hashgraph vs PoW in efficiency

Now to the fun stuff

If the network node has enough bandwidth to download and upload a number of transactions per second, the network as a whole can handle close to that many transactions per second.

Uh, did they just say 10 TPS for “other services”? TEN? The “other services”, according to the image above, being “smart contracts” among others (kind of an important thing if you want to provide “fast, fair, and secure applications” as the stated goal is)? Shit, Ethereum can do more than that…

Introducing… the Consensus Service!

Scalability through courts

Eric Wall

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Eric Wall

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