Do Something Fun


When I thought about “something fun” I immediately thought about things I use to do in my childhood. I wanted to do something I use to do all the time when I was little that I couldn't necessarily do as much anymore, now that I’m older. One idea that popped into my head was going and playing in the “play-place” at McDonald and Burger Kings. Even though I’m far too old to play in one of those places without a little brother or cousin with me, I managed to sneak in for a little to go down the slide and explore some of the tunnels. I also enjoyed a nice Whopper in the process.

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Mind Map (Digitalization)

Suggested Themes

Happiness: To me this seems like one of the most important aspects of any individual’s well-being. This is worthy to explore because it not only comes from a person’s internal psyche but also is influenced by so many other aspects in life including friends, family, passions, dreams, and self-worth.

Sleep: This topic seems very important to me because sleep is one of the essential things in life. Just like water or food, sleep and rest is something every human needs to be healthy. It determines physical and mental health as well as gives everyone a chance to reset and take a step back from life.

Sanitation: This last topic I think really speaks to the human race as a whole rather than the individual. Sanitation can explore everything from clean air, to recycling. It affects the earth which is the one thing that needs to be healthy. Keeping the places we inhabit clean will only help us in the long run as well as bring people together.

10 Silly Ideas

“The Wake Up Pillow”
“Snap-Filter Glasses”
“Ikey Slot”
“Smoothie Coasters”
“Kick Notification”
“Flavor Fountain”
“Cool Tunes”
Magnet Brush”
“Educating Elevator”
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