Is brand color the main factor that influences consumers purchasing decision ?

Brand Color is always decided to research all consumers have don’t idea about this situation. but brand color effect to human brain to choose it. (Gregory Ciotti, Marketing Book, pg. 435). Brand Manager’s when to decide to brand logo or brand color they use to color scale with psychology. Brand managers use color to attract new customers and to expedite identification with the brand. Design elements, such as color, are used as a way to communicate with consumers and play a substantial role in consumer decision-making when shopping time is limited. There are two opposing points of view that are consumer decision doesn’t affect to brands colors. On one hand, some consumers don’t care of the brands logo; they are focused to price factor. However, some consumers never change to habits. Although marketing managers believe that brand logo color’s effect to at the consumer purchasing decision.

The counter argument about brand color to effect human brain is price factor. Some consumers always take a look to price all products or services. Pricing method is including to marketing strategies but this factor doesn’t care to consumers. For example McDonald’s and JJ Burger using to same color combine, but some consumer chose to JJ Burger for pricing. (Marketing, pg 111) Every consumer has different economic income. This situation effect to many things. Some costumers don’t have any chance to choose brands because of to price factor.

Another opposing argument is that “costumer decision habits” . Some costumers have regular customer habits. Brand color effect is wanted to separate to other things for costumer. However some costumers don’t effect to brand colors because of the personal habits. For example, customers who are between 45–65 year old have regular habits. (Pool, M. “McDonald’s Red? Facebook’s Blue? How do brand colors influence customer’s decisions?”, 2015. pg.23). They usually don’t want to try new brands. According to research, middle age customers have tried new brands ratio is %4.2. This research shows that middle age consumer have regular consumption habits.

Furthermore, Patil D. maintained that “Brand identity is done to imprint brand’s name and image in the minds of people and color plays a significant role in creating it. When checking a visual system shapes and colors play an important role. For better brand recall and perception these colors and shapes within the product category must be different. For instance, burgundy and forest green are perceived to be upscale while an orange label or package indicates an inexpensive item”. ( Patil, D, pg 65) However, brands colors have different meanings for costumers. For example, one of the most effective emblem of 21st century, the emblem of Shell used Yellow as a way to stand out from its competitors. However, the company later intensified the colors to reinforce a solid visual identity. The yellow color in Shell logo design has been the strongest element in getting attention of its audience. Red and yellow colors combine present to fast, energy and dynamic. . (Ridgway, J. L. “Brand personality: Consumer’s perceptions of color used in brand logos.” 2011 pg.3) Colors symbolized too many things to costumer. All of these effect to consumer decision.

Another argument for brand color effective is consumer behavior. Consumer behavior and decision is taking an important role at the marketing. This controls colors combine firstly using to Los Angles Basketball team. LA Basketball team’s colors: purple and yellow. This is very attractive colors combine. NBA (National Basketball Association) is most attractive sport challenge around to world.LA Basketball team who member of NBA sells 3 million basketball shirts the entire world. It means 245 million dollars revenue with basketball shirts. Therefore LA Basketball team at the leader of the tickets and shirts sales within 30 NBA teams. (Statista, Revenue of the Los Angeles Lakers) Nowadays many brands solve this combine secret and using to this method. For example, “Gratis” which is mini cosmetic market chain all around world, use this color combine. This color combine is having positive effect to customer perception. . ( Sarah Tornetta, Color Sells: pg. 4)

However, black and white colors using with many brands. This color and these color combine is present to simplify. Apple is the most significant example of this subject. Apple founder who is Steve Jobs is a fan of the simplificate. All Apple products have main colors: black, grey and white. This colors effect to consumer with clearly. (Pool, M., & Snibbe, K. 2015 ) Furthermore Black is a contentious color. To many consumers, it is powerful, sleek, the epitome of pure luxury and authority. This is particularly the case with lifestyle categories such as liquor, watches, perfumes, cars and similar accessories. Therefore, luxury brands which also convey authority, such as BMW, Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and Prada routinely use black as their signature color. (Bhat, H. 2012 pg. 4)

In conclusion color is used strategically to create a brand/ corporate image by using it in all communication materials such as on packages, logos etc. When it comes to features of corporate or product packaging, logos become one of the most important features. If there is recall of logo then there is a recall of brand too. (Patil, D, “Coloring consumer`s psychology using different shades the role of perception of colors by consumers in consumer decision-making process” 2012. Pg. 67). Therefore, consumers will learn about a brand’s identity through repeated exposure to the brand’s different elements, whether it be the logo, packaging, or even the brand’s jingle. Bhat H. argues that”Consumers more easily relate to and identify with the brand when all of the brand elements are cohesive and create a unified brand identity. The brand’s logo and brand personality are often key points of association for consumers “( Bhat, H.” The psychology of brand colors business line Retrieved”. 2012. Pg.2)

To sum up, marketing use to psychology for impact to consumer behavior. However consumer decision changes by much reason. Trust is a very important factor for customers. In addition many brands color passed to universal color chart which are Marlboro Red’s, Ferrari Red’s and Parliament Blue. Finally brand color is very important for the consumers. Symbolizes is hidden marketing strategy. (Sarah Tornetta, Color Sells. pg 6)

Erdal Metin