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In most states of Australia, freedoms have been restored, and it feels great. It’s great to be back at the office and to finally socialise with faces that we aren’t related to.

But while everyone was at home, your boss noticed something, and the long-distance morning commuters noticed it, and even you can’t help but admit that you might have noticed it too…

There were some serious advantages to working from home.

🏠 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🏢

1) Working from Home Makes you Better at Some Tasks and Worse at Others

For instance, a 2012 study found that people performed “dull” tasks better in a controlled cubicle setting than they did in a less-structured remote environment. …

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There’s a lot riding on video calls right now. Thanks to that thing we are all sick of thinking about, video calls are the visual input for all remote teams and businesses. They are home-based employee’s bread and butter.

If you’re networking, pitching your service, or asking coworkers for help with something, right now, there’s a good chance, that interaction is happing via video call.

Knowing this, don’t you think it’s time you mastered the video call? Stopped rocking the in-built laptop camera, and spent the obligatory $70 on a decent headset?

It’s time to find you a more flattering angle, improve your audio quality and pick up some tricks to get through meetings without feeling like you need a nap after. …

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While headquartered in California, Zoom’s suspicious ties to China have called the company’s loyalty into question.

Zoom is one of the few US tech companies that outsource their R&D to China.

At least 30% of Zoom’s engineers are currently based in China, and Eric Yuan the company’s CEO was born in China and still has family there.

So What?

Well, if the story ended there I don’t think this article would exist, but recently, added fuel to the flames.

  • They deactivated the accounts of US citizens at the request of the Chinese government
  • Suspiciously routed data through Chinese servers
  • Generated encryption keys for international calls in China. …

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Australia has some of the most draconian data security and online privacy laws in the developed world.

In the early 2000s, we were the first Western Nation to filter the internet.

I won’t give you an exact year, because it was a gradual process that started with “don’t host naughty content in Australia” and eventually became a blacklist which the government mandated that all ISPs enforce.

You might remember the controversy when WikiLeaks leaked the blacklist of naughty sites which included a Queensland dentist’s website, tuck shop consultant, YouTube videos, poker sites and dog-boarding kennel — and child porn.

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In recent years, the focus has moved away from blocking child porn and Queensland dentists and toward blocking streaming and torrenting services. …

I’ll be honest with you, adding features to our video calling software was easy

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