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“ I have never called someone an asshole who wasn’t being an asshole.”
Oh my, aren’t you high and mighty? Nah. You have at least once, surely. First rule is to assume you will eventually do a mistake. So don’t build your worldview assuming your own infallibility.

“ And no, if someone is so shallow that ththey will become a racist simply because they believe they were wrongfully called a racist, then they were always a racist and just want someone else to blame, because racists tend to also be assholes.”
Nah. There are two possible outcomes of a constant torrent of being called a racist, and living in the fear of being called a racist. The first is stopping to care about it all, and doing racist stuff from time to time because you just can’t be bothered anymore. The second is killing yourself: 
(The third is to just keep to your principles, and not care what some racist is saying to you, but that’s for those less impressible who already have principles on the topic.)

As for your last paragraph, it seems either you’ve decided to generalize from one example (me), or you have a beef with people who prefer a more chaotic and anti-authoritarian use of the internet. Considering that nothing of what you said has anything to do with being a racist, it’s obvious that it’s just that your own authoritarian mindset clashes with these people (or just with me) and you are desperately trying to find some buzzword to rationalize your hatred. Sure. You can add a “sexist” and a “homophobe” there too, if it lets you sleep at night peacefully. We don’t mind. Because we don’t care.

For the record, there are plenty of spaces to go if you want creative content by anonymous or pseudo-anonymous authors. Deviant art, tumblr, 4chan, fanfiction sites, pixiv, heck, just most of the internet that isn’t social media. Just go find a writefag thread on 4chan /a/. These happen from time to time. Or at least happened a few years ago when I was younger.

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