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Sexual harassment can be a little mistake. The funny thing is that there is indeed a border between courting a lady and sexually harassing her. And any college student interested in women must eventually learn it, because you need a given dose of assertiveness in the game of love. 
Then again, there’s also overt sexual harassment, the comically bad variant. That’s no longer a little mistake.
And then we have rape. Practically the most reviled act one could do in our society. Even pedophilles seem to be more accepted lately.
The funny thing is that rape is a really rare crime to happen. Especially on campus. Drunken sex, surely it happens often, but between two people who are equally drunk, equally horny and equally intentionally there (but will regret it on the morning after). But RAPE is rare. Statistics like the 1 in 4 or 1 in 5? They count sexual harassment, not rape, and even then they are quite skewed.

So yeah, sure, 99% of the time these so-called “sexual assaults” are something small that can be learned from. But you knew that, right? Yet you willingly chose to package the slightly distasteful passing remark in the bar with rape.

By the way, why are you continuing to project your own behavior on me? You’re the one deliberately provocative and unwilling to join in the conversation productively. You’ve addressed exactly zero of the points I’ve brought up, instead choosing to project your own shortcomings onto me.

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