I.F. musings

Create it, write it, spread it. Everything. Any flash of funny or interesting (even if its funny or interesting only for you, after all its your story) thought flowing through your brain. Why? No reason. No reason. NR — NeveRland. Just close and open your eyes. If the thing you see in front of you right now creates interactive picture (jumping photo frame kissing pencil, aloe vera peeing in the flower pot, scissors riding skateboard) in your head or any picture not even interactive, great. If not, great. Doesn't matter. Somebody finds funny and interesting reading contracts, cleaning the bathroom or talking to the most boring person in the world. I rather leave my pots and frames running and riding where they want. Recently I have to think about one small character from an unnamed cartoon. If that creature lived in this dimension, I swear I would go and find him anywhere in the world! Imaginary friend. Elephant cat hybrid. Can you imagine that your job would be to be imaginary friend? Must be probably one of the most weirdest jobs. Imagine that would be somebodies answer. What do you do in your life? I’m an I.F. Marvelous. I've never had any, but If I had, that creature would be in a shape of something really disgusting I don’t like in a real world but love in the imaginary one, so you’d start to like it even in the real one. After all nobody hates what he likes. For example you don’t really enjoy ripping out weeds, so your imaginary friend would be ivy with the head of lump of clay. Not to be boring some small legs of dachshund, tail of zebra and smaller tail growing from the right side of the big one. Can be good start. Forget the rainbow! An old coat with patches and loafers to create contrast and the creature without name is born. The name must contain smiley vowels like a, e, i, so when you scream on him, the sound would be friendly and he quickly comes and you don’t need to spend 16 minutes calling on him in. For example Alien! Even all the friendly vowels have been used. There we go, next day you’re in a garden full of happiness with your I.F. ripping out his family, creating an army.