Religion is not a factor to tackle when judging people. A person should be judged by his character, behaviors, words and his education level, not by his race, sex, out looking, or religion beliefs. A religion is an answer to the creation and existence of the universe. All the religions that are rationally and morally accepted worldwide, present peace and faith.

I am not a very religious person, although I wish and try to be so. I have seen all kinds of religious people and not all of them are as educated as they should be, living in the 21th century. I am educated enough to do my research and think both rationally and critically about the things that people claim before I believe them. In addition, such unimportant differences like sex, race, religion and etc. are the topics that people with bad purposes use to differ one from another and make them enemies to each others for their own benefits. This is why the U.S. constitution prohibits discrimination based on one’s sex, race and religion in the first and 14th amendments. It believes in equality and the human rights.

As much as I believe in Islam, I believe in education because I know how important using my researching, reading and thinking abilities are. I have studied as many religions as I could such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam before believing in a religion. What made more sense to me at the end was Islam and believing in it will only make me more faithful and stronger to better myself and make this world a better place by helping others. This will only happen if I have an adequate character that cares about other people regardless of what their race or religions are. What I learned from religions is to care about others, help the ones that need my help and appreciate what I have by praying and giving back. If a person wants to do bad and wrong things he/she will do it no matter what religion he/she believes and follows.

Overall, all I want to say is that people are born equal and raised differently. Some of them get less educated and gain a less developed character than others. Some of them end up being good and some end up being bad people. Therefore, my message to everybody is that before believing in someone especially about very deep and important issues like religion, please do your own research. Do not support or join into any terrorist group that does horrible things and kill innocent people. If you do not know what religions exist for, do not try to represent a religion because you do not do your research about that religion and just believe in what a misrepresentative terrorist group like ISIS says.

Lastly, do not forget that the country that you live in is being protected by different kind of people with different races that believe in different religions. They serve for America and its people, not because of their race or religion but because they are great people that care about humanity and want to build a better world.

Muslims are not terrorist! Terror has no religion but has its own sick belief system that is morally and rationally wrong. Ignorance is the biggest terrorism to one’s own and to the rest of the humanity. Therefore, do not believe everything you hear on media. Do not let media manipulate your mind to limit yourself on religion and such topics. Having a hatred towards someone or some group of people you do not know is one of the biggest ignorant mistakes and stupidness. Do your own research if you want to talk about someone or something. It is the 21th century! Almost everybody lies and most people support wrong information either intentionally or unintentionally. Extremists try to misrepresent some certain groups of people for their own benefits.

Please read the article that mentions briefly about my story and my interview with Community College Campus News.

Thank you.

M. Eren Ozsar