#Integrated devices, Brany Advice
# Collect all trafic data and write your new route.


Nowadays, as you know technology is rapidly changing and increasing so when people creatives new technology also they search to use this technology on the many things.

When you are in traffic, absolutely you can see many problem on today’s transportation system such as traffic jam, delaying to somewhere, pollution, noisy and so on… and some people(researcher) has realised this problem and they decided to solve this problem with using intelligent transportation system.

Company which we have watched to video, have got a smarter facilities and they can use many smarter device that integrated traffic such as navigation monitor, cameras, fiber optic cable, loop detectors and ramp meters. Well then, how can use this device? This company’s main target is collectin all of data from traffic system with smarter device because this smarter device giving data day to day. And they also with this information educate to the driver, inform to the again driver.

Why is it important of ITS? Because it can help to “on time delivery” for example, as a truck driver when you are in road and has got a cargo, suddenly you can enter traffic jam but if your smarter device knows this problem before, it can inform you and of course you can change your routes and you can earn a time for transportation, decrease your stress level. On the other hand ITS cause to be safety and reliability transportation. Nowadays safety travel is a very big problem on the world. Many people unfortunately dies because of this problem, for exapmle Climate factor can effect your safety travel if the weather is snowy and you not have got snowy tyne, you can make a traffic jam. But ITS always inform you and you can know the geographical and climate changing.

Finally ı can find many examples from traffic but our mainly problems in the future how will be ready for using this system. Nowdays many company and people investing to the ITS and they belive that “we can solve problem, we can save your life and we can decrease your cost of everything”

Notice! please watch the youtube video.

Have a nice logistic days… :)