# Don’t be stupid, Use I.T


Makes it possible! This is main sentence of about logistic services. All of consumer wants to buy and all of supplier wants to sell something. Today, world is rapidly changing so we need to find different solution about transportation. Logistic sector has got a many individual parts such as transportation, warehousing, packaging, order process, facility of manufacturing, facility of consumer and inventroy process… For example freshing food and chemical sector is very big area and logistic sector has to be enough for their manufacturer process and manage all of supply chain buy logistician should not forget this key “any time, any where” and in this circle again should not forget this point “using of high technology”

Witron’s Company purpose is that provide to different kind of design about logistic transportation, different solving, develop all of the supply chain and logistic system. Because of this situation, they has prefered to use and creatived new department, and it’s name it “IT” (Intelligent tech.) Department. This department can crative competitive advantage and it can reason to be more faster logistic transfer and catch the optimization cost. Now they are producing different kind of convair band and so they were more faster and more effective. For example they prefer to use computer machine because as you know without human all of processing system will be fast and more tidy. Some engineer works on the simulator and they can manage and watch all of packaking that where it will go, who will take this packet…they can know all of process as a monitoring.

By the way, the other point is that logistic can be integrated between all of distrubition centre, warehouse, facility of manufacturing. For example if we want to export our chemical product, firstly we should think transfer cost and safety logistic between main destination… In that case again we can use integrate technological device.

And the other point Logistic services must be environmentally, espicially nowadays society has focusing this subject. And Witrons company has seen this problem and they prefered to use convair belt and different kind of environmental packet such as re-cycle packet, refrigrated packet.

Finally, Today’s world, many company wants to change their logistic system because logistic cost is a most important cost on the their total cost and they wants to decrease this price. So Every Logistic Company shouldnt forget this problem and they have to focus their processing and services.

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Have a nice Logistic days :)