Awesome Networking Tips for Conferences that Can Even be Used Online

I recently came across an awesome post that gives us a variety of networking tips for when we attend conferences. The great thing is that many of these tips can also be used when you’re getting to know people online. Here’s the post:

One of my favorite tips came from Simon Geisler where he suggests us using a silly hat to make us more memorable. This can also be used in online videos, selfies, and other content to stand out from the crowd.

Technical Tips

Other than the great personable advice, there are also 2 cool technical tips.

  1. Connect Leadfeeder to your Google Analytics to see who visited your site from the conference.
  2. Using’s Connector to manually enter everyone’s email that you want to connect with and essentially reach out to them in a much faster way.

The whole post has a lot more tips so I encourage you to go there.

How to Network a Conference Like a Jedi

Til Next Time =)
Eren Mckay