How Do You Get Your Website Visitors to Convert?

How Do You Get Your Website Visitors to Convert?

Does traffic always equal conversions?

If you’ve been in the digital marketing world for a while, you’ve already figured out that traffic does not necessarily mean conversions. In fact most of the time, visitors won’t convert and this can be very frustrating for business owners who have invested a lot of money and effort to get people to their website in the first place.

The truth is that there are sites out there that get loads of traffic and make very little money. There are others that have a much smaller amount of visitors in comparison; however they are making big bucks.

What’s their secret? Why are some financially successful and others not at all?

The answer to this question is actually quite complex, since there are so many different scenarios and variables that may affect a business online.

Here’s a list of a few things that businesses can do to increase conversions:

Install Heatmaps

Heatmaps are an excellent way to find out where the users are looking, mousing over and clicking. There are a few heatmaps out there that are free to install on WordPress. I’ve personally used the free version of SumoMe and really liked it.

Another one is called ExtraWatch and although I’ve never personally used it, it’s free and I still think it’s worth a try. One thing though is that I only install a heatmap plugin for a time and then uninstall it so that it doesn’t slow down the page speed which sometimes ends up happening. So it’s a temporary use plugin for me, just to get the data, tweak what I need, and then uninstall it.

If you’re a larger corporation though, you may need more data than the free heatmaps can provide to you. Clicktale uses attention, mouse-move and scroll-reach heatmaps other than session replays, providing site owners a full understanding of user behavior.

There’s a case study that 1–800 Contacts did with Clicktale software that you can download for free here (no email required). It shows how the heatmaps made a huge difference in their conversions.

A/B Split Testing

Set up 2 landing pages:

  • Vary the call to action for email capture. Look at the data and find out which of the 2 headlines got the most sign ups.
  • Vary the images on the page and the design and test to see which one converted more.
  • Vary the way that the offer is worded; for example instead of offering an e-book, you can offer a webinar, e-course, a kit, a discount, etc. Find out what wording resonated with your audience the most and use that one.

Each time you test only change one variable so that you can single out which factor is the one that actually made the difference.

Technology to the Rescue

Other than A/B split testing (that I just summarized above), there are technological tools such as Leadfeeder that can be incorporated into your Google Analytics, which will help you determine which leads are more qualified. Once you know who they are, the sales team can take over with enough information to know how to approach the prospects in such a way that they will feel it’s mutually beneficial. decided to use this tool and their chances of converting a cold call into a qualified lead increased to over 85%. You can read about their case study over here.

This article over at Target Marketing gives you more ideas to nurture leads using business intelligence data. Hope this helps!

All the best,

Eren Mckay