✨ My Top 8 Free Image Editing Programs

In this day and age with all of the cool graphics’ softwares, why would we want to use an online image editor? The fact is that sometimes we don’t have to do really complicated things to an image. Using online image editors can greatly diminish the time that it takes to get certain tasks done.

However as great as these tools are, I still use my favorite free downloadable software (GIMP) to accomplish certain things that are not available with online tools.

They make my life easier. Yes there are hundreds of them out there, but I’ll only list the ones that are actually worth taking the time to learn. They are all listed below in order of how much I love and use them. So scroll and enjoy!

My Top 8 Free Image Editing Programs {image credit Wonderfelle}

FREE Image Editing Programs

1- PicMonkey (There’s a free version and paid one) This is the only online graphics tool that I pay a yearly subscription to. I use it on a daily basis. They offer the free version in which you can do a whole lot with too. So definitely check it out. PicMonkey truly is my number one recommendation for online image editing. It has a variety of functions and an extremely intuitive interface.

2- GIMP (Downloadable)I use this awesome open source software on a weekly basis. It took me a while to learn it but it was worth the investment of my time.

3- Pablo This tool created by Buffer is awesome and saves me the time of looking for fabulous images, since they just pull it right up from Unsplash and Pixabay when you search. Their font choices are very cool and the fact that they automatically pair up the fonts that compliment each other- another huge time saver! Their capacity to quickly resize the image to fit Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter is neat! Many times I use both Pablo and PicMonkey to create an image.

4- Canva (there’s a free version and paid one)There sooo much that you can do with Canva. My best piece of advice for you there is to look up tutorials to really master using this amazing tool.

5- Online Image Editor My favorite feature in this one is the fact that you can overlay text on an image very easily. Upload an image, then click on the 2013 tab. In there you will see the option called Image in Text. You can choose from a myriad of font types and then save it to your hard drive as a transparent png file. Super cool and fast!

6- Pixlr Express I especially love the express version of Pixlr since it allows you to load the picture from a url and is intuitive to learn. Creating customized designs can sometimes be as easy as clicking 3 buttons and the image is done. There are certain features like unique text and borders with Pixlr Express that other image editors don’t have.

7- Gradient Image Maker I found this tool and jumped up and down (literally) when I saw just how easy it is to create gradient images with it. I know how to create gradient images in Gimp, however this tool makes it a whole LOT faster to do the exact same thing. Just stick in the width and height dimensions for your image, and the top and bottom color hue, select the image format (png or jpeg) and click ‘Get full size image’. Bam ~ you have a gradient image at the exact size and color you want in very little time. Then all you have to do is save the image to your hard drive ~ easy peasy! Yay!

8- LunaPic This one has a lot of functions too. It’s not as good as PicMonkey and it also has a whole bunch of ads (at least it’s free lol )but it still does a good job and has some unique features. I suggest playing around with it and discovering the awesome things that you can do.

Blessings Always ✨,
Eren Mckay