Study shows links are still a very powerful ranking factor

With the amount of changes happening in the SEO industry, a lot of people seem to believe that links don’t matter much anymore. I’m not talking about low quality links from comments, forum signatures, etc. that are easily weeded out through page segmentation1*, 2*, which Google has long ago incorporated into their algorithm. Most Google compliant SEOs know that those types of links are not the kind that any business owner should want pointing to their website if they want to be ranking in the long run.

Quality links coming from relevant websites that add value to the content: those are the types of links that will truly make a difference to the bottom line. It’s very refreshing when studies show that quality links still matter after all of the changes that Google Search has undergone over the years.

Stone Temple Consulting took the time to do their research on this. I strongly recommend reading their article on it:

They also created a short video introducing the article; although it just summarizes what you’ll be getting. Here’s their video:

Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor?

The study is very much based on math; so if you’re not into math, you might get a bit lost. Here’s the link again. Enjoy!