What is the difference between dreaming and wanting?

Mankind desires. Mankind demands. Mankind wants. Depending on time, place, mood, or circumtances, etc. the thing mankind wants can change but THE wanting itself remains. A baby wants to be breastfed, a child wants toys, a teen wants to be someone different, an adult wants a wife or a husband, a friend wants you to be good, a father wants his child to be safe, a mother wants her child to be successful, a grandparent wants his family to take care of him/her, a teacher wants his/her students to be willing to learning, a doctor wants his/her patient to heal, police want to arrest criminals, criminals wants to elude the police. A poet wants to be understood, a person in pain wants peace. A displaced person wants to stay alive. No matter who we are, where we are, when the time is right, we want.

What is dreaming? It is basically wanting. What does carry dreaming beyond simply wanting? What makes it more complicated. Two things:

1) It is not possible to become real. If someone does not afford for a house but by saving money up or borrowing within reason he/she might have it, this is wanting. However if a person who does not afford for a house and does not have a chance to have it without borrowing extreme amount of money, of course it is extreme for his/her conditions, and it is too much to save for the rest of his/her life, that is dreaming.

2) It can be freely designed since dreaming goes beyond the reality and so it is free from the restrictions of daily life.

Let’s go on thinking about the second. What is the meaning of a want we can design freely? If that is nice, why is designing regardless of the restrictions of the daily life, deciding on each detail nice? Is this the syndrome of self-divinization? Or is being a human such a thing?

On the other hand what is covetousness? oxforddictionaries.com defines covetous (verb) as “having or showing a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else.” There are two important words: someone else. We have to ask a question to understand the importance of the words: Does the thing we dream belong to someone else? If yes, what is the difference between covetousness and dreaming? If no, do we have to dream the things that do not belong to someone else? If so, does the restriction (obligation of dreaming the things which do not belong to someone else) allow a dream to be a dream?

Too many questions. I am not sure enough about the answers in my mind. I am not sure about whether this reasoning is reasonable or not too. I am only sure about that it is not easy to contemplate myself.

If you have any idea, please share with me.