We Should All Be Afraid of Trump
Mark Haidar

Thank you for sharing your story and perspective on Donald Trump. I am a conservative American and registered Republican, but I think that Donald Trump is a total disgrace and does not representative the conservative movement in America. Unfortunately our party has been hijacked by Trump and many people that share his views.

It saddens me greatly that polls have shown that a majority of Republicans favor a ban on Muslims. That is not the Conservative party. That is not the party of Reagan and Lincoln. I can assure you that there are millions of conservative Americans that are disgusted and repulsed by Donald Trump, what he represents, and what he is proposing to do if he becomes President. The #NeverTrump movement is exploding with support and most are from within the Republican Party.

I encourage you to read the many editorials written by National Review and the Federalist.com where the overwhelming majority of well respected conservative thinkers and writers have disavowed Donald Trump and everything that he stands for and most have gone as far as pledging not to vote for him in the general election if, God help us all, he wins the GOP nomination.

I am also part of the #NeverTrump grass roots conservative movement. I have voted for conservatives in every election for the past 25 years since I turned 18 and never in a million years would I have ever considered not voting for our party’s nominee in the general election. In most of the past presidential elections my favorite candidate did not win the GOP nomination, but whichever Republican did win, was always an infinitely better choice than the Democrat competing in the general election.

I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. I despise and disagree with everything that she believes in and I disagree with her on every single issue. However with Donald Trump, it is not just about policy or issues. I cannot and will not vote for Donald J Trump.

If he wins the nomination, I haven’t yet decided whether I will not vote and stay home in the general election or vote for Hillary. I don’t know if I can actually fill the circle next to her name. I may have to hold my nose while I do it, but if I simply stay home and by some miracle Trump gets elected to the highest office in the land and becomes leader of the free World, God helps us all. I don’t know that our country and my party will survive it. So by simply staying home and not voting, I would be complicit in helping to elect him. Whether I stay home or vote for Hillary, I don’t yet know, but I do know that I will never vote for Donald Trump.

Fox News and sell outs like Sean Hannity are claiming that the Republican establishment is conspiring to take down Trump. While that is very likely true, I do not blame them and I am very happy that they are finally doing something to stop that vulgar, insane, xenophobic, narcissist, fascist, egomaniac who has hijacked my party.

What Fox News and Sean Hannity don’t understand or refuse to talk about is the fact that the revolt against Trump is also coming from grassroots conservative Americans in cities and towns all across this country. We are not part of the establishment, nor do we care what the “establishment” has to say about Trump. My feelings about Trump are not the result of an establish Super PAC attack ad against him. My feelings about him have nothing to do with the dozens of “establishment” congressman who have spoke out against him.

We, the #NeverTrump movement, are average conservative Americans who can think for ourselves. We are intelligent, thoughtful people who have done our due diligence. We have eyes and ears. We have watched all the debates. We have heard everything that Trump has to say. We have heard his proposals and his plans (or lack of) and we have come to this #NeverTrump decision on our own without the “establishment.

This stand that we are taking to never vote for Trump was not an easy or rash, emotional decision. It is not because we are mad because our guy isn’t winning and simply because we want to punish Trump. Our decision to never vote for Donald Trump is based upon our conservative beliefs and principles, our moral compass, and our love for our country.

We realize that our decision will very likely lead to Hillary Clinton in the White House, which will also be a tragic disaster for our country, but we honestly believe that Donald Trump will be far worse. Again, this is not based on policy or the issues alone. As I said, I am conservative on every single issue and I do not agree with Hillary on anything, but at least I know what to expect from Hillary and she will be balanced by a Republican congress. If she does a terrible job, we can win back the White House in 2020. I realize she will elect a lifetime liberal Supreme Court Justice which is a huge deal and will do tremendous damage to the conservative cause.

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