An Open Letter to the American College of Surgeons: Residency Training in Gynecology Is Dangerously…
Hooman Noorchashm

First of all, I want to say I am so sorry for your loss. Your wife sounds like a truly wonderful woman.

Hurting others is not going to bring your wonderful wife back. You are suggesting that myself and my colleagues are glib and dangerous. Apparently we don’t care about our patients and choose to put them at risk because of our poor skils and lack of professionalism. I could go into the number of cases I did as a resident and the fact that I had four full years in the OR for both obstetrics and gynecology. I could go into the long nights I am kept awake worrying about my patients before and after surgery not because I doubt my surgical skills but because I take my job and the Hippocratic oath extremely seriously. I could go into the hours I have spent post residency watching videos, doing extra training etc to ensure my skills are up to date. I could go into the fact that we are in fact not protected at all from liability and our malpractice rates are one of the highest. But I doubt it will matter.

Again I am sorry for the loss of your wife but slandering an entire specialty will not bring her back.