I don’t think that a “solution” is need here at all — in fact I don’t see this as a problem, and…
Noa Kressel

A problem is very much the reason for this never ending debate, and that problem is the miscommunication between design and the dev parts of any given project. And its a huge problem. Some solutions to this problem spurred the idea that designers start coding, one way or another. Some spurred wisiwig builders for designers who wish to avoid syntax. Some, spurred half baked with design system frameworks that help coders avoid design mistakes. Code is not just another tool for the designer, its a totally nee affinity one has to acquire and master, so there’s a very legitimate reason to ponder weather or not it’s the most efficient solution to the design-code-collaboration problem. It very much might be the case that it is not. Code is a very big time and energy consumer, and other affinities might prove themselves more valuable for some designers. Not all knowledge is worth acquiring. But anyways, it helps you a lot so you made a good decision for yourself I believe. Cheers!

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