Get More Email Subscribers With Corner Ribbon

In this blog post I will explain how you can get more email subscribers without any technical knowledge in developing websites. All the tools that are mentioned in this post have free version to use so it’s kinda risk free.

Corner Ribbon Example

There are different ways to ask users to subscribe to your mailing list. Some websites pop a dialog box after a few seconds, which makes users close it right away because this is our online-instinct for anything which pops. Others show a subscription box at the end of an article or item page (if you’re running an ecommerce). But there is another way that will be visible ALL the time and also non-intrusive.

Corner Ribbon — How To?

Corner Ribbon can be located at any corner of your website without disturbing your users, yet it’s very visible because it’s always there even when the user scrolls a page. The eyes cannot ignore it and it doesn’t disturb the users to read your article or learn about the product that he was just landing at.

To get free Corner Ribbon for your website you can use Smartarget

Call To Action

With the right message on the Corner Ribbon you can make sure that users will be interested to subscribe to your newsletter. For example:

  • Stay in touch
  • Discover insights
  • Feed your brain
  • Show me something new
  • Stay informed
  • Yes, sign me up!
  • Yes! I want in
  • Join the movement

It really depends on the type of business you’re running, but it’s recommended to change the CTA (Call To Action) every month and to see what works better. It’s also helpful to change the colors of the Corner Ribbon and even locations. It takes a few seconds only to do so.

How To Collect Email Subscribers

There are different free services to collect emails and send newsletters to your subscribers, my favorite one is Mailchimp which is super easy to use and allow up to 2000 subscribers before you need to pay for it.

Mailchimp offers subscription landing page

Mailchimp has an option to create a unique page on their website that you can send your users to. In this landing page you can put your logo, write some description text, customize colors, etc.

Now all you need to do is to link the Corner Ribbon to your landing page.

I made such page for example so you can see:

The End

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