Show important updates and information on your website

What is an important information or update in your opinion? Well, it depends:

  • If you have a service company — you might be interested to inform people about new service
  • If you have eCommerce website you can inform/update users about new product or shipping issues due to Corona
  • If you have a content website, you can highlight a new (or sponsored) post/article
  • If you’re running a SaaS product — you might want to inform users about new features or ask them to answer a survey.

We can all agree that different websites have a different definition for important information or updates. That being said, there is one way that everybody can use in order to inform their users and website visitors.

Information message by Smartarget

We are happy to announce that we developed a new way that you can all use to communicate with users/visitors. Our new app “Information message”.

Information message app in action

With “Information message” app you can:

  • Configure the content as you wish
  • Choose the one of the website corners to show the message
  • On mobile you can choose if it will be on the upper or lower side of the screen
  • Choose the color of the button
  • Define if the link on the button will open a new tab or not
  • Define how often the message will be visible to users

We truly believe that our new app (in addition to the other great apps) can help you improve your communication with users. You can get it now at:

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