Ticket Style & Team Communication in GitLab Board

Erez Hadas-Sonnenschein
Jun 20 · 2 min read
Team Communication

Team alignment is important! When someone write a ticket he should make sure the other side can read it and understand everything.

Support want developers to understand bug reports.
Product Manages want developers to understand action items.
Developers want QA to understand what to check.

GitLab Board Better has new feature that will help you to communicate better! From now on you can decide with your team about Ticket Styles in GitLab Board and make sure that all the team members will save it with the great new feature — ‘Ticket Style

Talk with your team, decide about the structure/style of Bug report/new feature/support request or any kind of ticket you want and create this style so you will save time in the future and be more organized!

How To Enable Ticket Style?

  1. Enable Ticket style in the settings.

Bug fixes

GitLab changed their URL structure which caused some issues with the notifications, issue finder and more. It’s now fixed with version 1.7 :)

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